Interior design fashions: what’s in & what’s out

11 months ago
Interior design fashions: what’s in & what’s out

After questioning more than 2,300 UK-based homeowners, residents and tradespeople, the Rated People Home Improvement Trends Report 2023 found this year’s most popular home improvement job will be painting and decorating. And why not? It is relatively quick and easy to change the aesthetic inside our homes with a tin of Dulux and some new accessories.

How our homes look is of crucial importance when it comes to selling, with first impressions made within seconds of stepping through a front door. A décor that’s fresh and fashionable will look good in the marketing photographs as well as in the flesh.

If you’re planning an interior makeover and are not sure where to start, Rated People’s report analysed Google data to establish the most-searched for home improvement and interior design trends. The chances are, implementing one of these ideas will impress potential purchasers.

We were thrilled to see an interior dominated by natural materials as the top trend for 2023. In fact, the popularity of natural materials had increased by 450%. Many of the other top trends were more specific in their direction.

A natural kitchen had increased 81% in popularity, while searches for mushroom wallpaper, forest green living room, cottagecore décor and sage green interior design all made the top 10 of most popular emerging trends based on search volume. Other design ideas that are climbing up the popularity list included wood panels, forest green kitchens, terracotta living rooms, beige kitchens and sustainable décor.

The survey also found 41% of UK homeowners are set to implement at least one of the top interior trends in their homes this year and there’s good news. A homeowner will be in safe territory if they focus on wood, bamboo, stone, fabrics such as linen and cotton, and a neutral colour palette.

On the subject of colour, Rated People collaborated with Coat to establish the trending paint colours for 2023. Almost all the most popular hues are shades of green, taupe and beige – perfect for those redecorating before a sale. Our top picks from Coat’s list include Detox, On Mute, Well Grounded, Mindful, Pampas and Good Intentions. The paint names are a giveaway to the colours – light, calming shades that create restful environments.

The most dedicated followers of interior fashion might like to know the decorating trends that are falling out of favour. Returning to the Google search data, some much-loved design elements may have had their day.

Searches for hanging chairs recorded the biggest fall in popularity – maybe the UK has discovered that although these chairs can look very pretty, they are far from practical. The top 10 of unfashionable features was completed by rattan furniture, home gyms, navy interior design, Berber rugs, Japandi interiors, velvet sofas, macrame wall hangings, grey décor and luxury kitchen design.

You may ask if a grey velvet sofa cost you a viewing or whether a beige bedroom will secure you a sale. The professional property opinion is no. Having been inside thousands of homes to conduct visits and valuations, rarely do small or individual elements influence buyers.

Instead, potential purchasers will look at the overall condition of the property when decision making. Walls with huge cracks will deter potential buyers more than the colour of the paint, and the eye will be drawn to a patch of mould in the corner rather than to the macrame on the wall. Of course, a home that’s painted navy from top-to-bottom may not look out of place in an interior design magazine but it will put off buyers whose primary thought is the amount of work required to repaint.

While 2023’s interior design trends bode well for this year’s sellers, never underestimate how a clean, fresh smelling and tidy home can make the best impression. If you’d like home moving support and a critical estate agent’s eye on your home’s presentation, please get in touch.

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